My Darling Son

Cason Gregory. When Cason was a toddler he was nervous all the time. Anytime our routine changed he would have so many questions and concerns about all the unknown things. That is not to say he wasn’t a happy little boy who loved to play with his cars, his puzzles, read books with you, but one small inkling of abnormal and we were in for a treat.

One Sunday when Cason was 4 years old, I offered to take my mother-in-law to SAMs Club. We both grabbed a cart, I had my list, my children and off we went. We hadn’t been shopping for very long when the lights began to dim. I looked up the hours on my phone to find the closing time was 6 p.m and it was JUST before 6 p.m. I informed my MIL that they were closing soon and I started to grab the items I needed from my list. Cason began to freak out of me. 
“Momma, they’re closing, let’s go!!” 
“Momma, can we go check out now?” 
“Momma, HURRY!!” 
“Momma stop shopping, let’s go!!” 
Me to my darling son, “Cason, HONEY, they aren’t going to lock us in the store and keep us here!” 
“Momma…LET’S GO, PLEASE!!!”

When we FINALLY arrive to check out he was still freaking out; throwing my items onto the belt while chewing his nails. I finished my transaction and proceeded to help my MIL with her items, loading them back into her cart after they are scanned, all while Cason was shifting back and forth watching with wide pleading eyes. When MIL began to write her check, I took my cart to the woman who glances over the receipt. We got through those doors and I mentioned to the kids, “Let’s wait here for Grandma since its cold outside.”

“MOMMA NO…she’s still in there!! Let’s just go to the car!!!” 
“You are gonna let Grandma stay in there by herself?” 
“YES, LET’S GO!!!”

For YEARS after that shopping trip, Cason would ask what time the store/restaurant closed when we arrived. He wanted to ensure we had PLENTY of time!!

Now that he is 9 years old he has relaxed on that front. When I ask him a question about his day I get the standard, “Fine,” “Okay,” “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe” type of responses. I’ve learned that I have to ask him more open-ended questions: “What made you smile in school?” “What was the best part of your day?” “What is an interesting fact in science that you learned?”

Lately, he asks to go grocery shopping with me. I guess he’s over the traumatizing SAMs fiasco. He’ll push the cart, we’ll find something fun and act goofy. But, the absolute best conversations I have with him are the one-on-one car ride conversations. When I think he is going to open up to me, I’ll take the back roads home, or make an excuse to drive to the next town to get gas. Anything just to have a few more minutes with him.

My Darlin Cason, you are so bright, funny and loving. I am so excited about your future and can’t wait to see where this funny world is going to take you. But for now, I’ll take all the car rides and trips to the grocery store. I’m so beyond blessed to be your Momma!

OU vs Army, 2018

Post-Christmas Chaos

Christmas 2018

My house is still in shambles from Christmas. Glitter is sprinkled everywhere from ornaments and cards. To be honest, with BrookLynn we live in glitter, however, this time of year it seems to be red, green, silver and gold varieties that will follow us for the rest of the year because you really can’t ever get rid of glitter. Presents that haven’t been used yet like the bear coffee mug that I got as a gift from the Elementary Schoool Santa Shop with the spoon attached to the handle is still sitting on the side tables and coffee table along with other clutter. The tree is taking up too much room, half the stockings aren’t hung and the manger is probably getting very dusty. The extra table from Christmas dinner (the kid’s table) still in the entryway now with Legos and the Clue game that’s been won (it was Colonel Mustard, in the Library with the Lead Pipe) but never put away. The kitchen has never been put back together the same with the rotisserie all apart but mostly clean (the main inner pan should be scrubbed one more time). Sure all the wrapping paper, boxes and gift bags have been cleared; I’m not complete filth (hahaha) but to be honest, the house is wrecked.

I won!

Still, part of me isn’t ready to put it all away just yet. When I sit here in the living room and look at the tree, I see all the ornaments the kids have made at school. There are new ones from this year that magically found themselves on the tree so the placement seems just a bit too close to another ornament making it stand out even more. Looking around the house I remember the joy of BrookLynn and her daddy carting the tree bag and the boxes from the attic one-by-one because she was determined we were going to decorate THAT NIGHT. Then, of course, it was followed by the kids arguing who was going to hang which ornament and the frustrations that followed, but I am trying to steer myself back to the positives.

I never go overboard with the decorations, and this year I wasn’t interested in shopping after Christmas to buy a few more for the tree to replace really old ones that are on clearance as I have in years past. BrookLynn begged me to go shopping for more as soon as we got the decorations up. WE NEEDED MORE, SO MUCH MORE!! I asked her why we needed more and she said that the house needed to be more festive. I explained that we didn’t need to spend a lot of extra money to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and while I don’t think she fully understood what I was trying to say she dropped the subject. That, and I steered her to buying a gift for her brother; that girl loves to spend other people’s money.

But it is time. The boxes for all of the decorations are in the home office/workout room and were just thrown in there haphazardly so you can’t even walk in there to sit at the desk. The kids went back to school last Thursday and while I’m sure it wasn’t enough time to establish a routine, I need to start Monday with a clean, put together less chaotic house. It is time. I’m going to keep telling myself that this morning, and I’ll get to it. Later. Right now I have a cup of coffee to make…in my new bear coffee mug.

2019 Resolutions

It seems that everyone either loves to make or is adamantly against New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have “resolutions” but general goals for this year. I guess there isn’t much of a difference, but resolutions seem so final if I fail. One of my goals for 2019 is to find something positive about each day and write it down. Even if it was a terrible day, find something positive and be grateful.

I was inspired by the lovely Public Figure/Vlogger on Facebook/Instagram Kristina Kuzmic who had a video on this very subject. She is very raw and real but can find the good in any situation. Even on her darkest day, she found one positive thing that she was able to write down and ended her day on a peaceful note.

I started this a couple of days before 1/1/2019 thinking it would help get me into the swing of writing before the new year. I even set a daily alarm on my phone for the evening to help remind me to write something down. I was using the notes app on my phone, but I found it wasn’t useful for what I was trying to accomplish. So, I went searching in the App Store. Low and behold, I found the Grateful app.

This app is super user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, allows you to add pictures, more notes about your day, add titles to your daily entry, set daily reminders and if you want to upgrade; backup to the cloud or Dropbox. I know I’m only three days into the new year, (I usually wait until I’m in bed so I haven’t been Grateful yet today) but it really does end my day on a positive note. I don’t include if my day was terrible, explain why, nor explain how the grateful made it better; I solely focus on the positive.

Another goal of mine is to clean up my dirty, filthy mouth. I say bad words. I say ALL the bad words. I say them at work, at home, in the car, at the mall, when I run, when I crawl, under my breath, when I sneeze… in short, I say too many bad words. I probably can’t have a conversation without saying a bad word. So one of my goals is to watch my mouth. So far on the fourth day of 2019…I’m failing. Miserably failing. It’s been pointed out to me that I’ve said a word and I didn’t even realize I’ve said it. *Sigh* Clearly I have my work cut out for me!!

Lastly, my diet has been shameful. SO, as with so many people starting the new year, I’ve cleaned up my diet. I’ve added shakes, salads, eliminated foods I shouldn’t be eating, added workouts all to get myself into a healthier me. I need to focus on me. I hope that my eating habits transfer to my family because they are in dire need of a healthier lifestyle as well, but I can’t force that upon them. I can only guide them by leading a good example.

Anywhoo, I wish you all the success of 2019 and please, feel free to share with me some of your 2019 resolutions or goals for this beautiful new year!

3rd Time’s a Charm

Lizzy James –
Charmer with Love Your Earth Charm Trio

SO this is my third attempt to blog. The first 2 times OBVIOUSLY failed as I seem to fall into these patterns of excuses. What better way to start 2019 than rebooting my blog? I love to write, I have so much in this funny little brain of mine so why not write it and share it with the rest of the world. I already have a fun list compiled of topics to write about:

Failing Resolutions on Day 1

Funny Kiddo Stories

Lip Gloss

Growing up Army Brat

Summer 2018

Funny Becky Fails

Working out in 2019

and so much more!!!

I don’t any goals or agenda for this blog except to write and get all the things in my head out. I may share some of my favorite food recipes or a new exercise routine, but I’m not limiting my blog to anything specific. I just want to have fun and hope that I transfer some of that fun to you.

Side note: if you think the bracelet is cute (because I hawked the picture from the internet)…you can get it here: