2019 Resolutions

It seems that everyone either loves to make or is adamantly against New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have “resolutions” but general goals for this year. I guess there isn’t much of a difference, but resolutions seem so final if I fail. One of my goals for 2019 is to find something positive about each day and write it down. Even if it was a terrible day, find something positive and be grateful.

I was inspired by the lovely Public Figure/Vlogger on Facebook/Instagram Kristina Kuzmic who had a video on this very subject. She is very raw and real but can find the good in any situation. Even on her darkest day, she found one positive thing that she was able to write down and ended her day on a peaceful note.

I started this a couple of days before 1/1/2019 thinking it would help get me into the swing of writing before the new year. I even set a daily alarm on my phone for the evening to help remind me to write something down. I was using the notes app on my phone, but I found it wasn’t useful for what I was trying to accomplish. So, I went searching in the App Store. Low and behold, I found the Grateful app.

This app is super user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, allows you to add pictures, more notes about your day, add titles to your daily entry, set daily reminders and if you want to upgrade; backup to the cloud or Dropbox. I know I’m only three days into the new year, (I usually wait until I’m in bed so I haven’t been Grateful yet today) but it really does end my day on a positive note. I don’t include if my day was terrible, explain why, nor explain how the grateful made it better; I solely focus on the positive.

Another goal of mine is to clean up my dirty, filthy mouth. I say bad words. I say ALL the bad words. I say them at work, at home, in the car, at the mall, when I run, when I crawl, under my breath, when I sneeze… in short, I say too many bad words. I probably can’t have a conversation without saying a bad word. So one of my goals is to watch my mouth. So far on the fourth day of 2019…I’m failing. Miserably failing. It’s been pointed out to me that I’ve said a word and I didn’t even realize I’ve said it. *Sigh* Clearly I have my work cut out for me!!

Lastly, my diet has been shameful. SO, as with so many people starting the new year, I’ve cleaned up my diet. I’ve added shakes, salads, eliminated foods I shouldn’t be eating, added workouts all to get myself into a healthier me. I need to focus on me. I hope that my eating habits transfer to my family because they are in dire need of a healthier lifestyle as well, but I can’t force that upon them. I can only guide them by leading a good example.

Anywhoo, I wish you all the success of 2019 and please, feel free to share with me some of your 2019 resolutions or goals for this beautiful new year!

3rd Time’s a Charm

Lizzy James –
Charmer with Love Your Earth Charm Trio

SO this is my third attempt to blog. The first 2 times OBVIOUSLY failed as I seem to fall into these patterns of excuses. What better way to start 2019 than rebooting my blog? I love to write, I have so much in this funny little brain of mine so why not write it and share it with the rest of the world. I already have a fun list compiled of topics to write about:

Failing Resolutions on Day 1

Funny Kiddo Stories

Lip Gloss

Growing up Army Brat

Summer 2018

Funny Becky Fails

Working out in 2019

and so much more!!!

I don’t any goals or agenda for this blog except to write and get all the things in my head out. I may share some of my favorite food recipes or a new exercise routine, but I’m not limiting my blog to anything specific. I just want to have fun and hope that I transfer some of that fun to you.

Side note: if you think the bracelet is cute (because I hawked the picture from the internet)…you can get it here: https://www.lizzyjames.com/products/charmer-leather-wrap-bracelet-with-love-your-earth-charm-trio