BrookLynn’s Timeline

BrookLynn received an assignment last week on the 22nd. Her assignment was to create a timeline of her life. All 7 years (soon to be 8 years) of her life. She was soooooo excited to do this project. She remembered when Cason did this same project two years ago. When Cason did the project I went to work and printed off several pictures and Cason picked out 6 that he wanted to use for his timeline. I told BrookLynn that I would do the same for her.

When I got home from work on Wednesday she asked me but I, of course, had forgotten. “MOM!!” Thursday I had an all-day meeting and so it didn’t get done, but Friday, come hell or high water, I got 14 pictures from my Facebook timeline printed! As soon as I walked in the door Friday night BrookLynn asked and thank goodness I was able to deliver. She LOVED every single picture and she decided right then and there she would use every picture I brought home. I was thankful I hadn’t printed off more than 14 for her to choose from.

She took her time cutting out the pictures and I promised her a trip to Hobby Lobby Saturday. At 7 am Saturday morning, she came into my room asking me if it was time to go to Hobby Lobby. For the love of all things breathing BrookLynn, it is a Saturday and Hobby Lobby isn’t open yet!! I was able to hold her off until noon and then we were off to lunch. Momma was hungry. After lunch, we went to her beloved Hobby Lobby for all the things we needed for her timeline; project board with a header, glitter stickers for header board, fancy scissors, and construction paper. We had leftover stickers from an organizer, double-sided tape, and an old marker. All-in-all I think we spent about $22.00 at Hobby Lobby (this girl is a little extra with her glitter letters).

She spent a long time cutting out the construction paper to frame her pictures. She taped each picture to the construction paper frame. Then I helped her label each picture with a description and she traced it in black marker. She added her flare with extra stickers. Overall, she did an amazing job and bugged me every minute to help her until it was done. She completed her timeline TWELVE DAYS ahead of the deadline. TWELVE DAYS!! She would have been done sooner if her mother would have gotten off her ass and helped her sooner like she had wanted!!

Beauty and the Beast

For a Christmas present, I purchased tickets for myself, Mom and BrookLynn for the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. When BrookLynn opened her envelope she was so very excited but very disappointed that she had to wait a WHOLE MONTH until we could go. She couldn’t wait to get all dressed up and have a girl’s afternoon!

As luck would have it, it was our coldest winter weekend, so I insisted we wear pants. It was too cold to wear a dress even with tights on. Burrrr. Again, she wasn’t happy, but she understood and accepted that warmer was more important than cuteness.

We picked up Mom and off to Kilkenny’s Irish Pub where I had reservations for 12:00 pm. It is one of our favorite go-to girl’s day out destinations. Since I was on a new medication, I opted NOT to have one of their YUMMY brunch mamosas, but I insisted Mom have one. Mmmm….mamosa. I did sneak a tiny taste. After ordering the Brie to start, Mom ordered her usual Irish Benny, I got my usual Craigue Benny, and little miss ordered her usual Fettuccine O’Fredo. By the end of the meal we had to be rolled out, we were so full.

A very short drive later we arrived at the PAC and parked close to the entrance to the John H. Williams theatre. The best part of this theatre is that it is smaller than the Chapman Music Hall so you really feel like closer to the stage and all the action. BrookLynn LOVED IT. She only gave me the stinky face once when all the other little girls were dressed up and she was wearing pants. *Sigh* But she quickly got over it. She was antsy when we sat down and she just lit up when it began. She sang along to a few of the songs and only right before intermission did she get a little bit wiggly that indicated she needed a break.

My sweet ladies!
Before Pic!
We were this close to the stage!!

The musical itself was amazing from the acting (the French accents were hilarious), the over the top wardrobes, the singing and dance numbers, the funny and sometimes adult humor, it was all so very well done. We talked about it all the way home. It was definitely worth the wait and I will be on the lookout for more fun girl outings at the PAC in the John H. Williams theatre.

Sweet baby girl loving on her Momma.
Silly faces before the show.

School Days

My children “hate” school. I hear this often on Sundays during bedtime, after long weekends, after Summer break, Spring break and last week after Winter break. I try to tell them right now they should be having the time of their lives in school. The work isn’t too terribly hard, they have good friends, fun activities and school is only going to get harder from here. Maybe I’m going about it all wrong. I’ve tried to figure out what the root cause of the hatred is…and I think I’ve figured it all out.

For Cason, the time spent in school is time spent away from his devices; Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Phone with various games. *Sigh* He is a technology junkie and I have a feeling it is only going to get worse. He is between soccer seasons right now and it is the only activity he looks forward to. Hopefully, soccer in the spring will help focus a little more than just playing in front of a screen.

For BrookLynn, her cousin now lives in our neighborhood and she practically spends the entire weekend either at her house, or her cousin comes to ours. They are inseparable. And while I love their connection, it hurts my heart that she doesn’t feel the same way about school that she used to in years past.

I will say that when asked, they both have great days at school. They are both doing well academically and socially; those aren’t concerns of mine. I just wish they didn’t have this early onset of “hate” for school…that should come much later in their high school years when there is drama with girl/boy friends and best friends stabbing you in the back and other what not bullshit goings on.

Kids, enjoy elementary school. I love you and you should be relishing your day when you have art, PE and two recesses a day.

4th Grade 2018-2019
2nd Grade 2018-2019

BrookLynn’s Cake Pops

For BrookLynn’s 6th birthday she received an EZ Bake oven. Every little girl’s dream!! Except, let’s be real, the little packages of food are crap! Well, on the 1st she rediscovered her oven that has been hiding in plain sight in her closet, and together we baked these simply terrible cake balls. Immediately she wanted to bake more; declaring that baking is her New Year’s promise (her version of resolution). I refused, instead, we went to the grocery store for real ingredients: boxed Pillsbury Cake Mix, and frosting out of a can! We also picked up sprinkles, white and milk chocolates to melt and sticks to make cake pops.

One thing about EZ Baking is that the process is fairly quick. Not so much in the real kitchen with real ingredients and a real oven. The longer wait times and duration that it was going to take was longer than an evening so I had to put off our little project for the weekend. This was frustrating for my little baker in the making.

So on Saturday, as soon as her little body was awake her first request was to begin the cake pops. She poured in the oil, water, broke the eggs, dumped them (I checked for shells) and added the mix to the bowl. She needed a little assistance with the hand mixer but together we mixed up one heck of a cake batter! We poured it into a glass pan and into the preheated oven! Siri set the timer for us and we waited. BrookLynn doesn’t care for waiting when she is excited.

The cake had to completely cool before we destroyed it and during the cooldown, I probably got asked if it was ready no less than 10 times. Once the cake was sufficiently cool she crumbled up the cake into a large bowl.

Before the next step of the pop process, I announced it was time to make lunch. She was bummed but was helpful in making our spaghetti lunch. During lunch I received a text asking if she wanted to play with her cousin, cake pops forgotten, she was already out the door. It was 11 pm before I saw her again.

Day 2, Sunday morning, once again as soon as I see BrookLynn the first thing she asks is to add frosting to the cake and make the pops. After putting her off until after breakfast we did just that. She opened the can of frosting and began to dump and mix. She did amazing! But I think we got a little ambitious with our frosting scooping because the cake mix was a bit soggy.

I made the balls, she placed the sticks and as the process took longer and longer we both were losing interest and the balls were getting bigger and bigger. But we completed the task and into the freezer the balls went for two hours!

Much later than two hours later and along with her cousin Kylie, we melted white chocolate into a bowl and silver sprinkles on a plate and we started dipping the pop in chocolate.

**I could cut this already long story short by showing you a picture of the finished product and calling this a success. But why would I do that to my loving subscribers!!**

BrookLynn dipped the first pop, added her sprinkles and it went fairly smoothly. Kylie struggled with hers a little because the pop just rolled around on the stick. I took a turn to see if I could find an easy way, but as the chocolate got cooler and thicker, the pops began to get heavy and just slide around even more on the stick. Some of the pops were already on the big side so this was positively an issue. After a handful of white chocolate pops, we melted some milk chocolate and the milk was runnier and somewhat easier to work with for a few mins longer but still having the same issues of having to constantly reheat the chocolate.

As you can imagine the girls wanted to eat their creations. I heard a lot of giggles about them being cold but never any positive taste feedback. Also, as you can imagine the girls got bored about halfway through so I was left to finish the pops myself.

Note to self: the EZ Bake oven crap, it’s fast and easy for a reason dumbass. Just go with it because you are no Betty freakin Crocker and your daughter has the attention span of a 7-year-old!! Or maybe together we can learn to bake with a simpler project like cookies.

My Darling Son

Cason Gregory. When Cason was a toddler he was nervous all the time. Anytime our routine changed he would have so many questions and concerns about all the unknown things. That is not to say he wasn’t a happy little boy who loved to play with his cars, his puzzles, read books with you, but one small inkling of abnormal and we were in for a treat.

One Sunday when Cason was 4 years old, I offered to take my mother-in-law to SAMs Club. We both grabbed a cart, I had my list, my children and off we went. We hadn’t been shopping for very long when the lights began to dim. I looked up the hours on my phone to find the closing time was 6 p.m and it was JUST before 6 p.m. I informed my MIL that they were closing soon and I started to grab the items I needed from my list. Cason began to freak out of me. 
“Momma, they’re closing, let’s go!!” 
“Momma, can we go check out now?” 
“Momma, HURRY!!” 
“Momma stop shopping, let’s go!!” 
Me to my darling son, “Cason, HONEY, they aren’t going to lock us in the store and keep us here!” 
“Momma…LET’S GO, PLEASE!!!”

When we FINALLY arrive to check out he was still freaking out; throwing my items onto the belt while chewing his nails. I finished my transaction and proceeded to help my MIL with her items, loading them back into her cart after they are scanned, all while Cason was shifting back and forth watching with wide pleading eyes. When MIL began to write her check, I took my cart to the woman who glances over the receipt. We got through those doors and I mentioned to the kids, “Let’s wait here for Grandma since its cold outside.”

“MOMMA NO…she’s still in there!! Let’s just go to the car!!!” 
“You are gonna let Grandma stay in there by herself?” 
“YES, LET’S GO!!!”

For YEARS after that shopping trip, Cason would ask what time the store/restaurant closed when we arrived. He wanted to ensure we had PLENTY of time!!

Now that he is 9 years old he has relaxed on that front. When I ask him a question about his day I get the standard, “Fine,” “Okay,” “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe” type of responses. I’ve learned that I have to ask him more open-ended questions: “What made you smile in school?” “What was the best part of your day?” “What is an interesting fact in science that you learned?”

Lately, he asks to go grocery shopping with me. I guess he’s over the traumatizing SAMs fiasco. He’ll push the cart, we’ll find something fun and act goofy. But, the absolute best conversations I have with him are the one-on-one car ride conversations. When I think he is going to open up to me, I’ll take the back roads home, or make an excuse to drive to the next town to get gas. Anything just to have a few more minutes with him.

My Darlin Cason, you are so bright, funny and loving. I am so excited about your future and can’t wait to see where this funny world is going to take you. But for now, I’ll take all the car rides and trips to the grocery store. I’m so beyond blessed to be your Momma!

OU vs Army, 2018