Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is hard. Meal planning, shopping and communicating with the family (which that in itself if HARD) is needed to be successful in eating a healthier lifestyle. And I’m not on a crazy diet here, I’m talking moderation, better choices and cooking at home; something that we haven’t been doing in a long time. A lot of times it is so much easier to just grab something on the way home because 1. I’ve worked late again, 2. I’m tired, 3. dishes vs. take out containers, 4. everyone seems happier when they can choose what they want, 5. …(I’m sure I could think of so many more but my ADHD is kicking in)

I worked late a lot of times. I work with a consultant, that doesn’t have normal 8-5 people who wear pants in big tall building hours. He works from home and will spend hours on the phone with me at a time. Which is fantastic! I love working with him, but I have other responsibilities that I need to do as well, so often times I leave the office after 6 pm. Then, I have a stupid commute home, so by the time I get home and throw together a “healthy meal,” we are eating at 7:30-8 pm. GAH.

The last few weeks we’ve managed to cook almost every meal at home. #WINNING! But with cooking at home and utilizing all the pots and pans, there are always one or two pots/overly large bowls/cookie sheets that don’t fit into the dishwasher that needs to be washed by hand. And let’s be real, I’m tired and those dishes will sit two or three days. When they don’t get hand washed, those dishes really start to stack up (and stink). #NotWinning Eventually they will get washed by hand; possibly it is at the time I need to use it again, or on the weekend.

Cason and Greg are extremely picky eaters. I could go into great depths discussing this, but I’ll leave it vague and just say that it is frustrating at times. I try to be creative in my healthy meals, I’m not a terrible cook, but if it’s not fried, a burger, or pizza, chances are Cason won’t like it, and Greg will barely tolerate it. BrookLynn, thankfully, is my more adventurous eater. And you guys, I’m not fixing liver with fava beans here!!

Planning, shopping and eating healthy in my house is hard…but I’m trying. I still buy the ice cream sandwiches and cookies for the kids (and Greg). And I do a pretty good job of staying away from them. I may have a piece of chocolate every once in a while, but I don’t go crazy.

Post-Christmas Chaos

Christmas 2018

My house is still in shambles from Christmas. Glitter is sprinkled everywhere from ornaments and cards. To be honest, with BrookLynn we live in glitter, however, this time of year it seems to be red, green, silver and gold varieties that will follow us for the rest of the year because you really can’t ever get rid of glitter. Presents that haven’t been used yet like the bear coffee mug that I got as a gift from the Elementary Schoool Santa Shop with the spoon attached to the handle is still sitting on the side tables and coffee table along with other clutter. The tree is taking up too much room, half the stockings aren’t hung and the manger is probably getting very dusty. The extra table from Christmas dinner (the kid’s table) still in the entryway now with Legos and the Clue game that’s been won (it was Colonel Mustard, in the Library with the Lead Pipe) but never put away. The kitchen has never been put back together the same with the rotisserie all apart but mostly clean (the main inner pan should be scrubbed one more time). Sure all the wrapping paper, boxes and gift bags have been cleared; I’m not complete filth (hahaha) but to be honest, the house is wrecked.

I won!

Still, part of me isn’t ready to put it all away just yet. When I sit here in the living room and look at the tree, I see all the ornaments the kids have made at school. There are new ones from this year that magically found themselves on the tree so the placement seems just a bit too close to another ornament making it stand out even more. Looking around the house I remember the joy of BrookLynn and her daddy carting the tree bag and the boxes from the attic one-by-one because she was determined we were going to decorate THAT NIGHT. Then, of course, it was followed by the kids arguing who was going to hang which ornament and the frustrations that followed, but I am trying to steer myself back to the positives.

I never go overboard with the decorations, and this year I wasn’t interested in shopping after Christmas to buy a few more for the tree to replace really old ones that are on clearance as I have in years past. BrookLynn begged me to go shopping for more as soon as we got the decorations up. WE NEEDED MORE, SO MUCH MORE!! I asked her why we needed more and she said that the house needed to be more festive. I explained that we didn’t need to spend a lot of extra money to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and while I don’t think she fully understood what I was trying to say she dropped the subject. That, and I steered her to buying a gift for her brother; that girl loves to spend other people’s money.

But it is time. The boxes for all of the decorations are in the home office/workout room and were just thrown in there haphazardly so you can’t even walk in there to sit at the desk. The kids went back to school last Thursday and while I’m sure it wasn’t enough time to establish a routine, I need to start Monday with a clean, put together less chaotic house. It is time. I’m going to keep telling myself that this morning, and I’ll get to it. Later. Right now I have a cup of coffee to make…in my new bear coffee mug.