BrookLynn’s Timeline

BrookLynn received an assignment last week on the 22nd. Her assignment was to create a timeline of her life. All 7 years (soon to be 8 years) of her life. She was soooooo excited to do this project. She remembered when Cason did this same project two years ago. When Cason did the project I went to work and printed off several pictures and Cason picked out 6 that he wanted to use for his timeline. I told BrookLynn that I would do the same for her.

When I got home from work on Wednesday she asked me but I, of course, had forgotten. “MOM!!” Thursday I had an all-day meeting and so it didn’t get done, but Friday, come hell or high water, I got 14 pictures from my Facebook timeline printed! As soon as I walked in the door Friday night BrookLynn asked and thank goodness I was able to deliver. She LOVED every single picture and she decided right then and there she would use every picture I brought home. I was thankful I hadn’t printed off more than 14 for her to choose from.

She took her time cutting out the pictures and I promised her a trip to Hobby Lobby Saturday. At 7 am Saturday morning, she came into my room asking me if it was time to go to Hobby Lobby. For the love of all things breathing BrookLynn, it is a Saturday and Hobby Lobby isn’t open yet!! I was able to hold her off until noon and then we were off to lunch. Momma was hungry. After lunch, we went to her beloved Hobby Lobby for all the things we needed for her timeline; project board with a header, glitter stickers for header board, fancy scissors, and construction paper. We had leftover stickers from an organizer, double-sided tape, and an old marker. All-in-all I think we spent about $22.00 at Hobby Lobby (this girl is a little extra with her glitter letters).

She spent a long time cutting out the construction paper to frame her pictures. She taped each picture to the construction paper frame. Then I helped her label each picture with a description and she traced it in black marker. She added her flare with extra stickers. Overall, she did an amazing job and bugged me every minute to help her until it was done. She completed her timeline TWELVE DAYS ahead of the deadline. TWELVE DAYS!! She would have been done sooner if her mother would have gotten off her ass and helped her sooner like she had wanted!!

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