Work it!

I’ve tried getting out of my funk by working out. Sweating out my blues. Stretching out the demons in my head. Cason has even joined me and we’ve made it a nightly thing. I had been working out a few nights, and one night I casually mentioned I needed to get off my toosh and get ready, and he asked if he could join me…of course, inwardly jumped for joy and said, “sure.”

Let me back up a bit. I’m a runner. Running is usually what gets me out of my head. But back in October, I had ankle surgery and that put an end to a lovely streak I had going. During that break, I had been on Instagram and this random woman friended me who was a Beachbody coach. I wasn’t interested but she was friendly enough. And when I say friendly enough I mean this woman chatted me up and learned I was having surgery, the night before my surgery hit me up to let me know she was sending me prayers, checked in with me every few days after my surgery and truly gave a shit in how I was doing with my progress. She never mentioned Beachbody during this time, in fact, she never mentioned Beachbody ever…I had figured it out just by following her feed. She just genuinely was a sweet woman who cared enough to engage in conversation with me and was heartfelt about my wellbeing.

Right before Christmas, I thought about Cason’s health, since it was his off-season and he wasn’t doing as much activity during soccer (no PE/recess since it was Christmas break) as well as mine since I wasn’t running and the rest of the family if they were interested. I reached out to my new friend and we worked out a plan. I signed up for Beachbody, received my sign-in for online workouts and then proceeded to get sick. Mother of pearl!!! Life is an A$$H@L*. Fast forward a few weeks later and I finally felt better to workout. I did a couple by myself and then Cason joined in on his own without me prodding or even asking. Overall we are having a heck of a time because these workouts are HARD. But sweating does feel really good!

I’ve now done 8 days in a row. I know it doesn’t sound much but right now some days it is the only thing that gets me out of bed. And Cason asks me if he can work out with me so I know he is feeling positive effects from it too. He’s made comments about his weight so I try to be positive and tell him things during the workouts like, “This will make you stronger for soccer,” or “This flexibility will help strengthen your legs”.

Mentally, I’m on the right track. I’m moving my body once a day. I’m eating somewhat better. The next step is going to my doctor to discuss my mental health because I’ve suffered long enough. I know I’ve mentioned it here, and I’m trying to only be positive on this page…positive but also real. Watch out world!! Momma is getting her Happy back!

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