School Days

My children “hate” school. I hear this often on Sundays during bedtime, after long weekends, after Summer break, Spring break and last week after Winter break. I try to tell them right now they should be having the time of their lives in school. The work isn’t too terribly hard, they have good friends, fun activities and school is only going to get harder from here. Maybe I’m going about it all wrong. I’ve tried to figure out what the root cause of the hatred is…and I think I’ve figured it all out.

For Cason, the time spent in school is time spent away from his devices; Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Phone with various games. *Sigh* He is a technology junkie and I have a feeling it is only going to get worse. He is between soccer seasons right now and it is the only activity he looks forward to. Hopefully, soccer in the spring will help focus a little more than just playing in front of a screen.

For BrookLynn, her cousin now lives in our neighborhood and she practically spends the entire weekend either at her house, or her cousin comes to ours. They are inseparable. And while I love their connection, it hurts my heart that she doesn’t feel the same way about school that she used to in years past.

I will say that when asked, they both have great days at school. They are both doing well academically and socially; those aren’t concerns of mine. I just wish they didn’t have this early onset of “hate” for school…that should come much later in their high school years when there is drama with girl/boy friends and best friends stabbing you in the back and other what not bullshit goings on.

Kids, enjoy elementary school. I love you and you should be relishing your day when you have art, PE and two recesses a day.

4th Grade 2018-2019
2nd Grade 2018-2019

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