3rd Time’s a Charm

Lizzy James –
Charmer with Love Your Earth Charm Trio

SO this is my third attempt to blog. The first 2 times OBVIOUSLY failed as I seem to fall into these patterns of excuses. What better way to start 2019 than rebooting my blog? I love to write, I have so much in this funny little brain of mine so why not write it and share it with the rest of the world. I already have a fun list compiled of topics to write about:

Failing Resolutions on Day 1

Funny Kiddo Stories

Lip Gloss

Growing up Army Brat

Summer 2018

Funny Becky Fails

Working out in 2019

and so much more!!!

I don’t any goals or agenda for this blog except to write and get all the things in my head out. I may share some of my favorite food recipes or a new exercise routine, but I’m not limiting my blog to anything specific. I just want to have fun and hope that I transfer some of that fun to you.

Side note: if you think the bracelet is cute (because I hawked the picture from the internet)…you can get it here: https://www.lizzyjames.com/products/charmer-leather-wrap-bracelet-with-love-your-earth-charm-trio

1 thought on “3rd Time’s a Charm

  1. I know writers hate suggestions, but some things I’d like to read about:

    -What is Grateful, why did you download it, what do you use it for?
    -How do you manage your marriage, work, kids, running, and still have time for yourself?
    -What are your thoughts on the Münchhausen-Trilemma and it’s application to refuting both the circular and recursive arguments when discussing epistemological proofs of truth?

    Happy blogging!

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